Enhanced City

Smart city technology for every city
Enhanced digital access regardless of disability.

Tomorrow's possibilities today

A wealth of real-time information at your fingertips

Low cost, high volume sensor network

Accrue internet access credits by sharing anonymous, aggregate phone sensor data with the city as its eyes and ears

Unique, real-time, monetisable data

Visualise and experience your city in 4D, augmented with cut-aways, path-finding and access to vital information in real time

New opportunities for business and recreation

Leverage blockchain technologies to reward and incentivise citizens for healthy life-style choices


API Volume pricing applies. Addons are priced separately.

All packages come with a comprehensive API and white-label market place to build your own EC platform. Incentive City Coyns provided via Syndetic.net

  • Sensor Network
  • $20k/m
  • Include sensor kits for Android, iOS, IoT devices and dedicated machine learning hardware for your city.
  • Up To 250k devices
  • 100TB Storage
  • Unlimited Sensor API Calls
  • 1M Branded Incentive City Coyns
  • 10k Reward Transactions
  • Get Started
  • Interactive Data Visualisation
  • $50k/m
  • Same as Sensor Network, plus branded and hosted PWAs for your city's businesses and services.
  • Up To 800k devices
  • 500TB Storage
  • Unlimited Visualisations
  • 5M Branded Incentive City Coyns
  • 100k Reward Transactions
  • Get Started

  • Immersive Enhanced City
  • $80k/m
  • Same as Data Visualiation, plus data-ownership, sharing, interaction and monetisation.
  • Up To 2.5M devices
  • 5PB Storage
  • Unlimited data models and events
  • 100M Branded Incentive City Coyns
  • 1M Reward Transactions
  • Get Started

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while rewarding citizens for sharing anonymous sensor data.